Prior to making an appointment a free 15 minute phone consultation can be provided to discuss a little more about you, your nutrition goals, and how we can best work together so that you can achieve your goals.
To set up a free phone consultation, make an appointment, or inquire about other services or prices
contact Elyse here or by email at



In the initial session your medical and nutrition history, eating and lifestyle habits, food choices, and nutrition goals, along with any other necessary information will be discussed. Then working together an individualized plan made just for you will be developed so that you can best achieve your goals.




Follow-up sessions provide continued support, assessment, and feedback. Your progress will be assessed and any necessary adjustments to your plan will be made so that you can achieve your goals. Follow-up sessions may also include nutrition education, meal planning, and menu planning. Frequency and the number of follow-up sessions vary based on your individual needs and will continually be assessed.



virtual VIDEO sessionS & PHONE CALLS

Virtual video sessions or phone calls are provided when additional support or help is needed, if you need a session from a different location, or if you can't make it to a session in person. Please note that video and phone sessions may not be right for everyone and are up to the discretion of Elyse Metelka Nutrition



GROUP Presentations & public speaking

In addition to the counseling services listed above, Elyse is also available to present to groups or speak at workshops or events. To inquire about group presentations or public speaking please contact Elyse.



media requests

Elyse is also available to write articles for websites or publications and to also provide quotes for articles. To inquire please contact Elyse.