Elyse Metelka Nutrition is a nutrition private practice located near Columbus Circle in New York City providing nutrition counseling and education.


Specialties Include:

  • Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Weight Management

  • Vegetarian Nutrition

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Disease


Additional Specific Specialty: Sports Nutrition for Figure Skaters


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Elyse Metelka MS, RD, CDN

Elyse Metelka Nutrition

Address: 309 W 57th St Ste 301, New York, NY 10019

Phone: (646)-883-6736

Email: ElyseMetelkaNutrition@gmail.com

Website: www.elysemetelkanutrition.com

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Elyse Metelka Nutrition